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Human Importance

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To promote the management and development of sustainable tourism in World Heritage properties by raising awareness, capacity and balanced participation of all stakeholders in order to protect heritage sites and their outstanding universal values.

These are some of the projects that are being carried out in order to help Santiago develop sustainably:

Local Government

Santiago de Compostela, with 100,000 inhabitants, is the capital of Galicia; it is not only a UNESCO World Heritage City, but also a pilgrimage site, a European Capital of Culture and a model of historical, urban and environmental regeneration that attracts thousands of visitors every day. Since 2012, the Santiago de Compostela City Council has been working on the SMARTiAGO programme to position Santiago de Compostela as a sustainable World Heritage City, considering the use of smart lighting and clean energy in its heritage conservation work, and using smart management services for composting and street Cleaning.


Santiago de Compostela is also the end of the pilgrimage route to Santiago, yet many pilgrims lack awareness of conservation and civilized behavior, with over 300,000 pilgrims passing through the city each year. To make the pilgrimage to Santiago sustainable, the official website has published several guides to call on pilgrims to help rid the old city of a series of threats to its heritage such as rubbish and graffiti.

In addition to pilgrims, tourists who visit the site for leisure purposes, are also key stakeholders in promoting the sustainable development of the heritage site, such as you who are viewing this page in front of a screen!

What can you do to help?


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