Mercado de Abastos market in Santiago de Compostela

by Killian Fox

Why should we support local shops?

Supporting local businesses improves the wellbeing of the whole community and ensures that your money goes directly to the surrounding communities. If you take a look at the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for tourism, you will see that supporting local businesses can help achieve almost every goal on the list.

We can’t always make the right choices, we’re not always perfect. But the determination and commitment to do a little research and be truly determined to help local communities as we travel does make a huge difference to people’s lives.

What can you buy in Santiago de Compostela?

1⃣️ Fabulous handmade silver jewelry💍.
2⃣️ Freshly made desserts🍮 and seafood🦞.
3⃣️ Authentic wines🍷.
4⃣️ Scallops: the true symbol of Santiago de Compostela🐚.

Some recommendations for local shops:

Mercado de Abastos Located on the eastern corner of Santiago de Compostela’s old town, it has eight different indoor halls where you can buy the best Galician goods. It is also the second most popular attraction in Santiago.

Mercado de Padrón Located in the town of Padolón, less than half an hour’s drive south-west of Santiago de Compostela, Padolón Street is one of Galicia’s largest and most popular Sunday markets, with over 600 stalls selling everything from traditional Galician food to seafood, plants, spices and clothing.

More than shopping like a local, you can choose environmentally friendly hotels to support the sustainability of heritage sites

Tripadvisor believes that two-thirds of travelers prefer to stay in hotels that are green.

  • Casa de cabasa-farmhouse was voted by The Guardian (UK) as one of the 20 best vegetarian and vegan hotels and bed and breakfasts in Europe, respecting the unique local environment, history, environmental awareness and cultural practices, recognised and recommended by several environmental organisations, where you can enjoy healthy eating and a sense of well-being.
  • NH Collection Santiago de Compostela is located in a quiet area of Santiago de Compostela, just minutes from the old town. NH Hotel Group participates in a sustainability programme that promotes practices to protect the environment. The hotel meets sustainability standards and participates in reducing the laundering of bed linen and towels and controlling water and energy consumption on a monthly basis, where you can spend a green holiday.

Traveling is all about having a good time. Why not taste the local cuisine, take part in the green activities and discover a greener way to travel?


Sustainable development goals (2015) Available at: (Accessed: 29 April 2021).

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