Final thoughts about sustainable heritage tourism

After four years of undergraduate studies in tourism management, becoming an MA international cultural heritage management student was a very special experience for me. Previously I was used to seeing cultural heritage as a tourist attraction with economic, cultural and social value at the same time, and narrowly thought that tourism development could serve to increase the visibility of heritage sites, increase economic income and thus better preserve heritage. However, from the perspective of heritage managers, tourism is more of an intruder, breaking the traditional model of conservation and transmission. Santiago is a complex heritage city and tourist city that demonstrates well the contradictions and conflicts between heritage conservation and tourism development. Nowadays, more and more people and organizations are calling for sustainable development of cultural heritage and tourism, but for me, sustainability is a very vague concept, as so far I have not found a single heritage site that has achieved sustainable development goal, only management plans with lists of ‘sustainable development goals’ and ‘requirements for achieving sustainable development’. I think sustainability is an ideal goal and difficult to achieve, but we can try to do better, and I hope that the information I have gathered and the guideline I have generated will help to give this heritage city a better future.


Introduce Myself

Hi guys! Welcome to my blog! This is my first blog so I’m gonna introduce myself and my website. My name is Beixi Sun and I am currently studying MA international cultural heritage management at Durham University and I did tourism management at myContinue reading “Introduce Myself”

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