About me

Introducing Myself

Hi guys! My name is Beixi Sun and I am currently studying MA international cultural heritage management at Durham University and I did tourism management at my undergraduate stage.

Based on the things I have learned, I am passionate about helping create a sustainable travel style, especially travel in and around cultural heritage cause we all know that heritage is vulnerable and nonrenewable. To start my project, I chose Santiago de Compostela, where is a world heritage town and also the destination of the world-famous pilgrimage route –Camino Francés and Routes of Northern Spain. That means I can keep learning about sustainable heritage tourism and use the things I’m learning from my postgraduate course – a Win- win opportunity!

My Vision

To expand the social value of the region’s cultural heritage as a valuable, non-renewable public resource by introducing and promoting a greener way of visiting and participating in the conservation of heritage through the involvement of visitors in small ways.

Promote a sustainable co-development of cultural heritage and tourism that is mutually reinforcing, rather than just selling souvenirs and guided tours. Sustainable heritage is a win-win for everyone, shaping a better future for everyone.

Heritage for a better future!

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