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In order to make more people aware of how inappropriate tourist behavior can do harm to the natural and cultural heritage, and not just for Santiago travelers, I have opened a Weibo and WeChat account and will be updating these platforms simultaneously, and I have also added a link to my website on my personal Instagram page, in the hope that more people, through the example of Santiago, will start with themselves and the small things around them, little by little I hope that more people will use the example of Santiago to make a difference, starting with themselves and doing small things around them. International travel is still semi-banned because of covid-19, but as the situation improves and the vaccine becomes more widespread, tourism will resume soon because everyone can’t wait!

So far my website has been visited by adventurers from all over the world, including China, the UK, Japan, the USA, South Korea, Hong Kong SAR(China), Canada and France, and I hope more will join!

Here are my social accounts information:


2. WeChat

WeChat ID: Natali3e_0807


ID: beixisun98

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